22 Oct

On Monday, October 9, College Council approved six funding requests. They are as follows:

  • Broadway Talks Back Panel (Diversity & Representation on Broadway)
    • Date: January 27th, 2018, location TBD
    • This is the second part of our Broadway Talks Back (BTB) series. This panel will feature at least 2 speakers on a discussion about race, gender, and sexuality on Broadway. The event will run for 2 hours, allowing students to meet the speakers afterward. Our two confirmed panelists are Sumayya Ali, an African American female who recently performed in The Great Comet, and Henry Gottfried, an openly gay man who just completed his run in Waitress.
  • ADAPT First-Year Halloween Outreach
    • Date: October 24th, Ern Commons 
    • Our goal is to raise awareness of the unsafe drinking habits typically characteristic of Halloween, and offer education on risk reductions strategies. First years are a particularly high risk group given their lack of experience with the celebratory drinking culture of UVA. Halloween in particular carries a number of risks due to the anonymity offered by costumes and the span of days upon which drinking occurs. We hope to host a number of games and events focusing on keeping safe during the Halloween time.
  • Pavlov’s Food for Thought
    • Date: October 24th, PAC in Newcomb
    • The Society for Cognitive Science is holding a course advising event where members and students interested in the major can come speak to exec members and Tayler Young, the department’s program coordinator, about classes for the Spring 2018 semester.
  • Shea House Dinners
    • Date: October 24th, Shea House
    • The Shea House Government seeks to host inter-cultural dinners between its various language pods over the course of the semester to spread cultural awareness. This event is open to all, even those without connection to the target languages. The Shea House is a cultural and linguistic center for eight of the richest, most widely spoken languages in Europe, Asia, the US, and the Middle East, providing around 75 students an unique residential experience.
  • International Cooking Competition (GSC)
    • Date: October 13th, Shea House
    • The cooking contest aims at not only promoting the communication between people from different cultural background but also giving them a chance to show cultural dishes and their own unique cultural traditions. Throughout the whole cooking contest, participants are expected to come up with one or two dishes that they think are both representative of their cultures. The dishes are expected to be made in large quantity so that every audience who comes to the contest can get some of these foods.
  • Kinetic Sound Fall Concert
    • Date: October 21st, UVA Chapel 
    • Kinetic Sound’s mission is to promote classical and instrumental music through visual arts marketing and vibrant performances. As a young CIO, we need funds to spread our music to a wider audience through our semester concerts. Our fall concert is approaching soon and certain resources are crucial.