24 Oct

On Monday, October 23, College Council approved five funding requests:

  • Build Your Burrito & Your Major
    • Date: November 9th, Clark 107 or Newcomb Ballroom
    • This event will provide Second Years the opportunity to learn about majors and various schools within the University. Underclassmen can have a fun interactive experience by speaking with upperclassmen who have already declared their majors, while also learning about cool classes to take for spring 2018. While we are going to be having representatives from all across the University there will be a larger focus on the College (ex. 1 representative from Batten, Comm, E-School, Curry, Architecture and 6 representatives from the College: 1 Science, 1 Humanities, 1 Econ, 1 Arts, 1 Language, and potentially more from Interdisciplinary Majors).
  • The Hooligans: A RAW Cypher Jam
    • Date: November 18th, AFC
    • The event is a breakdance competition/showcase dedicated to spreading the core concepts of respect and healthy competition found in hip hop, as well as hip hop culture in general. The main draw is a series of freestyle sessions. Breaking Grounds offers UVa and local dancers the chance to participate, while also providing hours of entertainment for spectators. The event will have a DJ. The event itself will be free to all. Faculty are invited to speak about hip-hop culture. The word RAW’s meaning is two-fold: raw as in genuinely expressive, and the second as uncooked. Uncooked food prizes (sushi and vegetables) will be given as exhibition battle participants as well as those who have shown the most enthusiasm throughout the event. The raw food prizes serve to incentivize attendance in a “punny” manner and be something unique to market.
  • Lighting of the Lawn
    • Date: November 30th, The Lawn
    • Every year, the Academical Village is gloriously lit with thousands of LED lights for the Lighting of the Lawn. It is one of the best traditions on Grounds and has a very beautiful history. Lighting of the Lawn was created as a way to bring the community together following the 9/11 attacks and has continued ever since. Especially in light of recent events, we need this event that promotes inclusivity, unity, and togetherness more than ever. This November, LOTL is proud and excited to partner with CIOs across grounds as well as community groups with the goals of strengthening the university and Charlottesville communities, and showcasing greater inclusivity, tolerance, and camaraderie. With help from organizations like yours, we hope to make this the best LOTL in UVA history. Your potential support is so important to us. We do have a tiered donation system if you are interested with varying levels of perks to show our gratitude.
  • TSA Wonton Night
    • Date: October 27th, 110 Washington Avenue
    • Wonton Night is an annual event hosted by Taiwanese Students’ Association to allow UVA students to enjoy a taste of Taiwanese cuisine, specifically, wontons. This is an important event that furthers our mission of exposing Taiwanese culture to students on-grounds, leading up to our biggest event of the semester, Taste of Taiwan, which is open to anyone who can make it at Shea House in the coming weeks. Thus, this event specifically is limited to those who have expressed interest beforehand due to lower supplies. In preparation for the event, TSA students will purchase food materials from local grocery stores and make the food themselves for the UVA community.
  • TYC ACDC Self-Care
    • Date: October 30th, Clemons 4th Floor Lobby
    • This is an event for Third Year Students to take a break from studying from midterms to remember to take care of their mental health! There will be food, drinks and hopefully service dogs!