15 Oct

On Monday, September 11, College Council approved three funding requests. They are as follows:

  • Peer Mentoring and Speaker Events
    • September 14th, 5pm, McLeod 2007
    • We are a peer-mentoring group for women interested in careers in health-related fields. We aim to provide 6 guest speakers for undergraduates, and commence our Big-Little program. We invite guest speakers to discuss their journey in attaining their roles as a health professional, and answer questions that undergraduates may have.
  • Undergraduate Research Fair
    • September 14, Newcomb Ballroom
    • The goal of this event is to present the opportunities available to undergraduate researchers at U.Va. and to give interested students a way to get involved involved in undergraduate research. Professors/graduate students will present their research to undergraduate students that attend.
  • Global Development Dinner Series One
    • September 21, Newcomb 177
    • This is the first of six dinner series to be hosted by GDO throughout the year. These dinners are put on to facilitate student-professor dialogue and discussion on topics of interest. This first dinner is to discuss the current trend of rising nationalism in developing countries across the globe.