17 May

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The College Council website is currently under construction and will be relaunched mid-summer. Please check back in July for our new and improved site.

25 Mar

Forum on Potential Changes to the College Curriculum »

Forum to Discuss Potential Changes to the College Curriculum
The College Council is hosting a second forum to discuss potential changes to the College curriculum!  This event will featu

25 Feb

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Recent College Council T-Shirts »

Dear Students of the College,
The College Council recently printed T-Shirts with a slogan on them stating, “I’m in love with CoCo,” attributed to “T.J.

01 Apr

Important Clarification about Funding Noura Erakat Talk »

Recently, the College Council funded a talk by Professor Noura Erakat entitled “From Ferguson to Palestine.

24 Mar

Recent College Honor Committee Appointment »

Dear Students of the College,
Recently, the College Council was tasked with appointing a representative to the Honor Committee from the College of Arts and Sciences.

24 Mar

Congratulations to College Council’s 2015-2016 Executive Board! »

Henry Reynolds, President
Henry is a Third Year studying Arabic and Philosophy.  Henry was this year’s College Council Treasurer.

25 Feb

Spring 2015 Grant Winner: Danny Wang »

Danny Wang, Third Year. 
Danny will be designing an English-Chinese medical guidebook for Chinese speakers in America and English speakers in China.

25 Feb

Spring 2015 Grant Winner: Taylor Camper »

Taylor Camper, Third Year. 
Taylor is working on a project to analyze the mercury concentration of tree rings of three different tree species in the Shenandoah National Park.

23 Feb

Spring 2015 Grant Winner: Hannah Varden »

Hannah Varden, Fourth Year.

23 Feb

Spring 2015 Grant Winner: Michael Zhang »

Michael Zhang, Third Year. 
Michael is working on research to determine how quickly a glutamate transporter homologue called GltPh undergoes its conformational change.