Do you have a professor you want to get to know better in a more casual setting? Use College Council’s Take Your Professor Out to Lunch Program and eat anywhere on grounds with your professor for free! Follow these steps:

1. Go into Monroe 101 and ask the front desk if you can reserve the College Council Take Your Your Professor Out to Lunch Cav Advantage Card for the date and time you want to host your professor.

2. The day of your reservation, go to Monroe 101 and pick up the card.

3. Eat lunch anywhere on grounds with your professor! You can spend up to $15 per person anywhere that will accept Cav Advantage.  You may go with multiple people – so you and some classmates could go invite a professor or professors together!

4. Return the Cav Advantage Card back to Erin O’Donnell or another office manager in Monroe 101.

Questions? Email our Publicity Chair, Samantha Currie (