07 Oct

A big congrats to the following students who have been selected to receive a grant for their undergraduate research!

Brittany Fan (4th year) “I have a deep passion for art, community, and serving others, and I believe that the product we can achieve when we combine all three together is truly wonderful and has the potential to make a great impact on society”

Caline Shamiyeh (3rd year) “We are interested in seeing if the differential terms of ‘schizophrenia’ or ‘schizophrenic’ are more stigmatizing when applied to a particular race. Having schizophrenia is seen as being a human with an illness (non-defining, treatable) while being schizophrenic is dehumanizing and forms an identity of illness. I chose this topic because it is a replication of a study done a few years ago in the Social Cognition and Behavior lab that Professor Trawalter and I wanted to refine. In addition, the topic is interesting and relevant to the mental health field and has practical implications.”

Gray Evans (3rd year) “I am looking to identify a molecular species found in serum that influences the activity of a type of ion channel. This ion channel contributes to pain processing, and might play a role in the development of pain disorders, such as diabetic neuropathy. I chose this topic because I am interested in addressing a prevalent clinical problem through basic science research.”

Tyler Lescure (4th year) “The world is becoming increasingly mobile and now, more than ever before, people are moving across cities, countries, and continents in pursuit of travel, employment, and opportunity. However, previous research indicates that this residential mobility comes with immense costs, which I want to investigate in order to establish the cognitive consequences of mobility from a neurobiological perspective.”

Margaret Grace Haltom (1st year) “The New York Times Food For Tomorrow Conference will give me a the chance to work alongside non-profit founders, CEOs, and international policy makers as we search for ways to feed the world of 7 billion in the face of climate change. My interest in food production began in high school, where I worked to build vegetable gardens throughout the Memphis City Schools system.”

Nancy Xu (4th year) “Surprisingly, past research showed that people found it difficult to think in enjoyable ways when they were alone in the psychology laboratory or at home. In my project, I am studying how to manipulate the instructions given in a standard thinking period to help people enjoy themselves more.”

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