24 Mar



Henry Reynolds, President

Henry is a Third Year studying Arabic and Philosophy.  Henry was this year’s College Council Treasurer.  He ran for College Council President to continue the cultural shift in the Council towards a more unified and productive governing body of the College of Arts and Sciences.  Henry is excited to help responsibly and effectively spend College Council’s enormous budget surplus by co-hosting more events with other organizations on Grounds.  He is also looking forward to developing a closer relationship between the College Foundation and College Council.  He is very interested in acting on new ideas, so he’d love to hear any ideas you may have!

Emily Vaughan, Vice President

Emily is a First Year who has served on the Underclassman Committee for the past semester.  She decided to run for Vice President because she has come to appreciate the value of College Council and its importance within the UVA community.  With her new leadership, she hopes to harness College Council’s resources and implement them in the most effective way possible.  One of her main goals for the coming year is to raise awareness of the Council’s programs.


Nick Masters, Treasurer

Nick is a Third Year double majoring in Global Studies: Security and Justice and History.  As Funding Chair, Nick worked closely with various CIOs, professors, and members of the Council in order to help develop an efficient and fair funding process. He chose to run so that he could help expand word of the Council and what we do, and to help build a stronger College for its students. Please feel free to reach out to Nick if you have any concerns or suggestions for the upcoming year!

Mackenzie Karnes, Secretary

Mackenzie is a second year History major.  She ran for Secretary because she loved helping on the underclassmen committee and wanted to pursue more leadership within College Council.  She thinks that self governance, especially concerning the governance of funds for students, makes UVa very unique, so she wanted to do her part in the process and see to it that students receive what is rightly theirs.  She is very excited to interact with other people in executive positions – on College Council as well as executive boards for other Councils.  She is excited about the possibility of pulling together the resources of various organizations on Grounds!