College Council is responsible for appropriating funds from the College of Arts & Sciences School Fee. The Council offers support for organizations and individuals furthering the goals of College Council to
(a) represent the needs and interests of College students;
(b) serve as peer academic advisers;
(c) foster student-faculty relations;
(d) strengthen College identity; and
(e) solidify relations between the College of Arts and Sciences and its alumni.
Different options are available for student groups, faculty members, and students conducting independent research. These funding programs and procedures are described below.

Funding Programs

College Council is no longer accepting funding requests for the 2018-2019 school year. Thank you and we look forward to serving you next year!

If you are a CIO seeking funding for an event: Co-Sponsorships

If you are a professor seeking funding for class enrichment: Faculty-Student Interaction Grants

If you are a student seeking funding for individual research: Student Research Grants

If you are an RA seeking funding for an event for your residents: Program in a Bag

Funding Restrictions

The most commonly encountered restrictions are listed below.  For a full list of restrictions, please see the College Council’s Funding Restrictions.

  • Money Prizes: All money prizes or payments, including gift cards, to individuals associated with UVa must be screened by Financial Aid. Unless a prize or payment is integral to an event’s success, College Council will not fund them.
  • Honorariums: Payment for services to individuals unaffiliated with UVa (e.g. speaker fees) can be funded by College Council, although they are subject to more stringent approval requirements.
  • Alcohol: College Council funds may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.
  • The College Council may not fund philanthropic activities or contributions.
  • The College Council may not fund political activities.
  • We prefer not to fund travel or lodging because we often run into problems with reimbursement.

Please contact our Funding Chair at with questions.

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