Pre-Approval Process

This information is only for Co-Sponsorships and FSIGs. Please refer to the “Student Research Grants” tab for relevant application and approval information for individuals.


All groups and individuals applying for a College Council co-sponsorship must apply through our online funding system. If at all possible, requests should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the proposed expenditure. For help with our funding system, please see our Funding System FAQ.

Please contact our Funding Chair, Chelsea Li, at with any questions.


The general body will vote to approve, reject, or table each application. Our Funding Chair will notify applicants of their status by the end of the week. Some proposals may be partially funded, or funded only for particular expenses. Tabled proposals may require editing or additional information before they will be reconsidered by Council.

Carefully review our reimbursement procedures and funding restrictions before purchasing items. It is your responsibility to save all supporting documentation and only expense items approved by the Council. In addition, you MUST save and submit original, hard-copy receipts in order to be reimbursed. Failure to submit original, hard-copy receipts may affect College Council’s ability to reimburse expenses.

Please contact our Treasurer, Jesse Persily, at with any questions about expenditures.

Funding Restrictions

All funding programs are subject to the restrictions below. Please contact our Funding Chair, Chelsea Li, at with any questions.

  • Money Prizes: All money prizes or payments, including gift cards, to individuals associated with UVa must be screened by Financial Aid. Unless a prize or payment is integral to an event’s success, College Council will not fund them.
  • Honorariums: Payment for services to individuals unaffiliated with UVa (e.g. speaker fees) can be funded by College Council, although they are subject to more stringent approval requirements.
  • Alcohol: College Council funds may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.
  • Philanthropy: College Council cannot fund philanthropic events. Even if philanthropy is not the primary purpose of an event, College Council is unable to fund events that raise money for charity in any way.